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Invitation to show at Central Presbyterian Sturgeon Gallery

A few weeks ago I was approached by one of my fellow Sync artists to show at the gallery she is the volunteer curator. Her name is Jean Herman and if you've ever seen her work you know why I see this invitation as a great honor. She's an amazing seamstress and artist and I'm lucky to be in her creative hemisphere. Check her work out

The exhibit will be at Denver's Central Presbyterian Sturgeon gallery this fall, running from 9/16/2109, to 11/04/2019.

Not so coincidentally I'll also be having my annual Sync Gallery show with Cyncie Winter in the months preceding the Sturgeon Gallery show (8/15-9/14). Cyncie is also an amazing artist and person that I admire. You can also see her work

The next year will see big changes for me as I look to move into a new home and studio space. I have a lot of work to do to prepare for these 2 shows this fall and I'm hoping moving into my own home will add to my creative process of combining digital art with wood.

Here's a sample of a digital design from this last year where I've combined my scanned drawings and other sacred geometry patterns and will eventually place this same image onto a hand-built, wood canvases.

This piece is titled "Sacred Geometry #10" and will be available as a limited edition print though my webstore.

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